Dalton Radio Audio Archive


        A photo of the actual main control panel at WTTI in 1974

Airchecks and commercials from the 70s and 80s on WTTI and other area radio stations - Dalton, GA

Interesting audio clips from a large collection of open reel tapes otherwise destined for the production room trash can...

Lamar McClure Aircheck from April, 1980.
Lamar McClure Aircheck from May 18, 1984. This was Lamar's final day at WTTI.

Four promos for free concert ticket giveaways from 1977 by Lamar McClure:
Led Zeppelin free tickets promo - April, 1977
Bad Company free tickets promo - June, 1977
Eagles free tickets promo - June, 1977
Peter Frampton free tickets promo - August, 1977

"Wild Bill Cody" Bill Burnette did a tape for the WTTI booth at the North Georgia Fair- Year unknown. * Discuss *

Kerry Cowan and others: Cheesy Multivision Northwest Cable TV Spot
Walter Hooper - Seniors of 78 song intro
1978 Aircheck
(Lamar McClure, news from Kerry "KC O'Brian" Cowan and weather from Steve Hill)

Walter Hooper - Redford's Commercial
The Bank of Dalton 60 second agency spot
Town 'n Casual clothing store commercial music beds (3 cuts) * Discuss *
Ben Cagle - Gibson's Discount Center commercial
Ben Cagle - Air Check
Ben Cagle - (1971?) Dalton Drive-In PreShow Tape
Ron Arnold - H&R Block Commercial
Jim Pirkle - WTTI Promo
Jim Pirkle - Brock Tire commercial
Ben Cagle - American Legion PSA

Steve Hill - Richard Nixon Resignation Special Report, aired August 11, 1974.

A commercial for Extra Extra! news stand on West Crawford Street. Not sure who recorded it... Phil Langston, perhaps?

A late 70s Promo Spot for Multivision Cable TV by Scot LaVelle. With the passage of time, it became cheesier and cheesier (and rather dated since was based on the assumption that most folks didn't have cable back then), and to this day is the source of good natured ribbing of Scot by the rest of us...

Safe Driving Road Rally - Mike Beverly - He was at WBLJ, but WTTI, WBLJ and WRCD shared spots a lot, especially promos... * Discuss *

Alday murders in Donaldsonville, GA - News story I delivered as WTTI News Director a few days after the crime, detailing an upcoming pretrial hearing. I left Dalton High every day at lunch my senior year to do the news at the WTTI downtown location. The staff had the AP news copy waiting on the easel in the production room and I read it cold (no rehearsal) every day... More on the Alday murders here.

Here's an interesting find... A sample of a Drive-In Pre-Show tape played at the Cherokee Drive-In and the Dalton Drive-In before the movie. It's recorded by the late Jim Pirkle, who was a regular DJ at WTTI at the time. The Martin Theater chain had WTTI provide the pre-show tapes for all of its drive-ins back in 1973. Jim went on to work at several Chattanooga radio stations in the years following...

From the collection of Geoff Robertson:

**NEW** Generic Drive-In PreShow Tape 1 - Unknown announcer doing the pre-show tape for playback at drive-in theaters.
**NEW** Generic Drive-In PreShow Tape 1 - Unknown announcer doing the pre-show tape for playback at drive-in theaters.

**NEW** WRCD Radio 1430 Jingle - Rare!

More tracks coming soon!

Here are links to my three albums of photos related to local radio and TV stuff that I shot primarily during the 1970s...
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Added bonus: Photos from a WGOW Radio (in Chattanooga) Body Painting Contest, also from the mid-1970s! WooHoo!